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Project Shovelhead

Ted's bike started out as a 1979 FLH!

2-80flh-1.jpg (3 KB) 2-1980 FLH
It would have come from the factory looking very much like this 1980 FLH. . .
2-79flh-1.jpg (3 KB) 2-1979 FLH
. . .but when Ted bought it, it wasn't running and looked like this. Go figure. (UGLY)
2-tedbike-1.jpg (3 KB) 2-1979 FLH
Of course, he couldn't just get it running, NOOOO. By the time he was finished it looked just a tiny bit different. But, after a few years it still wasn't good enough.
2-frame-1.jpg (3 KB) 2-1979 FLH Frame
Ted has now stripped the bike down to the frame and sent the engine in for some OOM BAA!!

For a translation on OOM BAA see Ted at the shop.
2-frameforks-1.jpg (4 KB) 2-1979 FLH Frame and Forks
With fresh powdercoat on the frame, assembly begins. The front end is a full chromed FXWG Dual Disc with Fork Brace. The rear shows black powdercoated Fender Struts & Swing Arm. The Shocks are “Progressive Suspension”, front end and springs are from “Race Tech” with Gold Valves installed.

2-framewheels-1.jpg (3 KB) 1979 FLH Frame w Wheels

Progress to the rolling chassis stage. A change of mind resulted in blacked out Lower Fork Legs instead of chrome. The wheels are “Aeroglide” spun aluminum and fully polished. The tires are “Avon” Venom–X. There are GMA Brakes front and rear with polished stainless Rotors from Mid–USA. The Forward Controls are also from Mid–USA.

2-oomba-1.jpg (5 KB) 1979 Engine w Oomba


• Bore: 3½" + .020"
• Stroke: 4 5/8" Jims Flywheels/Carrillo Rods
• Compression: 9.5:1 S&S Pistons
• Camshaft: S&S 514
• Heads: S&S Superstock Dual Plug
• Valvetrain: Jims Hydraulic with Roller Rockers
• Oil Pump: S&S
• Carb: S&S Super “E”
• Ignition: Dyna 2000I Single Fire
• Exhaust: Thunderheader

2-done1-1.jpg (6 KB) 1980 FLH Done
It's done and if you want to know how Ted likes it you'll have to ask him next time you're at the shop. . .

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