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Beefy's Bike

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The Project Begins

1-chopper1-1.jpg (3 KB) 1-Chopper 1 Main object of desire is “Phat Tyre”. Tyre is 200 series Avon from England (That's why it is a tyre and not a tire.) To show off the phat tyre, we have a phat solid aluminum wheel. Both are mounted in the back end of Mid USA “Fat-a-tude” american made frame. Engine case, 5 speed tranny, and primary are mounted for initial alignment of the rear wheel assembly.
  • Avon 200/60 VB 16 Tyre
  • Bikers Choice Smoothie Wheel # 46-5334
  • Mid USA “Fat-a-tude” Ridgid Frame # 20068
  • Bikers Choice 5 Speed Tranny-in-a-box # 41-1001
  • STD Evo Engine Case Big Bore # 1976EV
  • Delkron Inner Primary Case Mid-USA # 78279
  • Bikers Choice Smoothie Rear Pulley # 46-5281
  • Dayco “Panther” Rear Drive Belt Mid-USA # 77524

The Engine

1-engine-1.jpg (2 KB) 89 Cubic Inch Big Bore Evo Engine
89 Cubic Inch Big Bore Evo Engine!
  • S.T.D. Cases & Dual Plug Heads
  • Axtell Cast Iron Barrells
  • Truett & Osborn Flywheels
  • S & S Connecting Rods
  • S & S 2 Piece Rocker Boxes
  • S & S Billet Oil Pump
  • Jims Lifters/Lifter Blocks
  • Jims Billet Timing Cover
  • Landmark Stainless Pushrod Covers And MUCH More

Gettin It On!

1-chopper2-1.jpg (3 KB) Mock-up Continues
Mock-up stage continues as we merrily bolt up lots of sexy chrome goodies.
  • Bikers Choice Risers & Triple Trees
  • Mid-USA Ball Milled Front Forks
  • Bikers Choice "Beefy" Ape Hangers
  • 16" Sturgis "Mirage" Front Wheel
  • Headwinds 5¾ Headlight
  • Bikers Choice Stretched Fuel Tank 4.2 Gal
  • Mid-USA "AZZ" Rear Fender;
  • "RPM" Billett Forward Controls
  • Samson "Sidewinder" Exhaust
1-chopper9-1.jpg (3 KB) Left Side Forward Control
Left Side Forward Control by RPM. Notice Anything Unusual?
Click on photo to take a closer look
1-chopper5-1.jpg (3 KB) Samson Exhaust
The business end of the exhaust.

1-chopper7-1.jpg (3 KB) Left Side of Front End
Left Side of Front End Shows. . .
  • Performance Machine Caliper
  • Custom Chrome Polished Rotor
1-sep03-1.jpg (7 KB) Final assembly takes place in the back shop.  We're almost done.
Final assembly takes place in the back shop.
We're almost done.
1-phoenix-1.jpg (6 KB) Beefy's Bike In Front of Phoenix Cycle Ltd. with Ted Beefy's Bike, the finished project. (Finally)
1-rear-1.jpg (5 KB) Bike from the rear
Don't you just love that Phat Tyre!
1-right-1.jpg (5 KB) Right Side Great lines!
1-rtfront-1.jpg (6 KB) Right Side Front Angle Flamed paint job by Les Plante.
1-rtrear-1.jpg (7 KB) Right Side Rear Angle OOM BAA!!
1-left-1.jpg (5 KB) Left Side For a translation on OOM BAA see Ted at the shop.

To bug the builder contact Ted at Phoenix Cycle or call him at (250)474-1111.

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